How to Play Blackjack Like a Pro and Win Big!

How to Play Blackjack Like a Pro and Win Big!

The game of blackjack is not that hard to learn and the odds are largely based on luck. But, as any card game, it can be a challenge to win over the long-term. There are many tips available to have a better chance of winning.

Learn the Basics

♣Be Smart and Play With Patience♣

The main objective in any gambling game is to win money. Blackjack is obviously no exception. But you have to consider many factors before you can be a big winner when you’re playing blackjack. The best way to win at blackjack is to get lucky.

Don’t count cards… Do not attempt to memorize the cards that have been dealt from the shoe. You can’t keep track of all the cards. Rather, learn to focus on the cards which are out. It’s purely luck that will win more often than not.

♣Find a Dealer That Matches Your Mood♣

If you’re a nervous type, find a table where you’re not required to bet. Wait for a less-than-full table to finish paying out. You don’t want to be standing there whilst someone else emails it to you. Nerves can ruin a game.

♣Study the Rules♣

Read the basic rules before joining a blackjack table. Blackjack is not just a game of luck. There are different levels of play. Playing basic strategy is all that’s required to win at blackjack. It’s practically second nature.

It’s worth paying attention to the basic strategy cards because they state the optimal strategy for any hand given your two initial cards. It’s sometimes called the smart layup. It’s the optimal move because it reduces the risk of the house winning at a quicker rate than any other play.

The novice player should memorize the basic strategy chart because it can save you a lot of money. It can also save you a lot of time.

♣Pay Attention to the Dealer♣

Never let the dealer see your cards when you’re playing blackjack. If you stand when you should have hit, the dealer can see your cards when you soft-shoise your next 3 cards. It’s in their best interest to keep the hand moving.

♣Find a Dealer That Matches Your Mood♣

ealous dealers can ruin a game. If you’re a Responsible Dealer, your attention will be focused on keeping the game moving comfortably along. Responsible Dealers are monitored by pokerace99 managers to make sure the proper procedures are taken. They’re made aware of everything that’s going on in the casino. They know everything.

♣Change Gears♣

You should occasionally leave the game to re- pumps and rebuys. Some players keep the excitement of the game going by talking among themselves, watching TV, or exercising. The casino is a business and their goal is to make money. They have no compunctions regarding chatting it up or taking a break.

♣pay attention to your Room Cover Story♣

What happened to the last deal you were in? What did the dealer say when he got you the last deal? Do you remember? This is a casino. They’re busy. Most people in the casino love it because of the excitement and the adrenalin that’s pumping through the casino. But some people are dedicated and love the game so much they leave the casino for hours sometimes to go to land based casinos or to other casinos in neighboring countries.

The reason they don’t stay or go back is they’re stuck in their ways. They won’t admit it, but some people have this doom around them that they can’t leave. They’re stuck in a rut. They avoid the blackjack tables because of the666.

♣no compunction♣

Don’t tell the dealer you won’t hit on 16 when you should. Don’t tell the dealer you have to go a certain way because you’re losing. Don’t even get up and make a big scene because you’re losing.

♣the self control theory♣

If you think you’re good at beating the game, chances are, you aren’t. It’s the same with self control. If you think you’ve got it figured out, you don’t.

Don’t buy into a loser’s frame of mind. Don’t let a big win at a low payoff slot machine make you think you can come back for more. It just leads to the same thing, more play, more play, more chasing of a lost cause by the greedyiable casino.

There’s no one winning video slot strategy. The one that wins is based on the one armed bandit. The casinos are full of loose slot machines. Don’t be sucked into believing these kinds of stories.

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